About Digixdel



My name is Del, an entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast. I love exploring the world of Augmented Reality, Game making  with Unity 3D and the growing Cryptocurrency tech when not running a realty with my team.




My interest in game making dates back to my teenage years but it wasn’t until recently that I took a more consistent approach to learning and building. Before now, I had tried a few game engines like Game Maker, Construct and a few low end freeware engines before finally settling with Unity3D due to its amazing features and flexibility. Having identified and amassed great learning resources which I learn from, I decided to start this blog as an online journal of all that I have learnt, what I am learning, and a pointer to great learning resources; this is not only limited to games but also includes augmented reality especially with Vuforia.
Also, being a believer in the potentials of the crypto-market and the growing decentralized economy, I often look out for great opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies while doing normal activities normally done for free on a daily basis, these tips are also presented in this blog.
Whatever it is you want, it’s my believe that Digixdel.com will help simplify your search for information.¬†I believe it will help very new beginners find the best resources to accelerate their growth and get better with Unity 3d and Augmented Reality and also show those interested available opportunities to get crypto-currencies.




  • Very new beginner to game development
  • Looking for the best learning resources for game development
  • You love Augmented Reality
  • You love Crypto-currencies
  • Total beginners who want a few tips on how this blog works.


Welcome to Digixdel. I hope you enjoy reading.


Del. A.F