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10 Mar

Get paid to search with Presearch








The crazy rise in Bitcoin price in the past few years has brought so much attention to the blockchain technology. These days, you can’t just keep track of every new project, altcoin or token getting launched. Beside the scammers and imitators, there are a lot of really exciting projects with potentials being developed these days. While some are in their early stages, there are already well developed ones and I believe they will ensure cryptocurrencies stay in the limelight longer than most of us thought it would. (You should check out the Steemit blogging platform, Sola (an image and story sharing platform), Tomo (A Q&A platform) and a lot of others I will be talking about later if you’re curious about reward based, blockchain based social platforms.


Presearch is a decentralized search engine. From a user’s view, it appears to act as a proxy for searching a host of other platforms such as Twitter,  YouTube, Google, Amazon, DuckDuckGo and a lot of others. Interestingly, it also appears to have it’s own search algorithm and it’s result page categorizes your search result into “types”. For example, when you search for a word or topic, it shows you the related images in one part, social links, and other relevant references online in different parts.

This right here is a screenshot of a simple search for “black panther” and I have over 100 references. I can choose only image references, music, crypto or developers or just regular web search through Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. As you can see, it classified the results into types, and if you were trying to get an in-depth and specific result type, this result format would be helpful. Sometimes, I find it funny that Google also happens to be one of the places where it sources for it’s results.

Being in Beta phase, Presearch rewards early adopters with PRE Tokens for daily usage, contribution and promotion of the platform. Users are able to earn 8 PRE tokens daily and 0.25 PRE per search.

Using Presearch is quite interesting but a little con however is low numbers of  search suggestions or related searches you get when compared to a search engine such as Google. This however doesn’t really diminish the search experience and I believe it will improve with their algorithm.

  • Remember to set “Open search in new tab” in your setting as this makes searching easier.
  • Also remember to select Presearch as the preferred portal when you type in your search term (especially if you want the type of result shown above.



The PRE token has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 units and a current total supply of 170,000,000 units. The value is envisaged to rise with increased adoption of the platform. For a serious investor, purchasing the tokens would be a great idea. If you just want to earn the tokens, the use of  the platform is also a guaranteed way to earn a few of them. PREs are currently worth an approximated $0.32 per unit (decent enough but subject to fluctuation).

Coinmarketcap data on PRE token (subject to fluctuation)
Coinmarketcap data on PRE token (subject to fluctuation)


I believe a measure of attraction and profitability for  tokens and altcoins is the potentials in their platform. Considering that the main proposition of the Presearch platform is to decentralize search, I believe, this, combined with being reward driven and having a somewhat deeper search range can make it a winner in the search engine market. It might be unable to unseat Google or some other search giants, but it can amass a critical number of consistent users in little time. This will ensure that the token remain desirable among users and prospective advertisers which means there will be a steady or increasing demand in the future as long as there exist a very active ecosystem.

I believe this would imply a rise in value over time, so, it should be a great token to invest in.

If you will like to see how the platform works and earn some PRE tokens, simply and sign up to the closed beta and wait for your approval.

But if you would like to buy the Tokens, you can also buy them right here.

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Del is a vector art designer and crypto-hunter with interest in game development and 2d animation.

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