Phoneum: A cryptocurrency for smartphones only

11 Mar

Considering the enormous cost involved in setting up coin mining rigs these days, Phoneum comes in as an interesting project simply because it’s a token exclusive to smart phones only and what does this imply? It means cryptocurrency mining is being brought to a million non-geek smart phone users who cannot set up a complex mining rig or configure a miner on their laptops. If the project meets it’s development timeline, it is projected to popularize the adoption of cryptocurrencies beyond the present level and probably make it more appealing to a larger population.

While the coin is currently unreleased, the app can be downloaded on Google’s Play Store for android phones and also the Appstore¬† for Apple devices.

The app features a built in miner and earning Phoneum will be done exclusively on your mobile through POW (Proof of Work), that is, verifying transactions on the blockchain, and also POT (Proof of Time), which means, spending time on the network with your miner activated.

Phoneum's UI
Token mined on the app before the Crowdsale will be burnt.









Adopters will be able to send and receive coins on a fast and secure peer-to-peer network powered by their smart phones only. This is bound to be an interesting project when (if) it succeeds since all existing projects are only mineable on specially configured PCs.



Phoneum’s Apple and Android app development started in September, 2017 and the token’s crowdsales is scheduled to start by April 18, 2018 to May 18, 2018.

The blockchain network will start by July, 2018 when the miner will become active (apparently). It is projected that Phoneum will hit the popular exchanges any time after July, 2018 so you can easily trade it, while the team continues to pursue its mass adoption goals thereafter.

This is a great opportunity for crypto coins and tokens investors and collectors as you can invest and mine while holding on for value appreciation, provided the project takes off as expected.

 The project is backed by a cool team (check them out) (I do not know them in any way but I think they are not bad but you can freely reach your own decision). I think we can always look forward to something good here.


Del is a vector art designer and crypto-hunter with interest in game development and 2d animation.

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