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You probably already know that reward based social sharing is a fast growing trend. From already functional  Steemit to Sola to Sphere and others like Appics, still under development. I believe in little time, these platforms will almost rival more popular ones like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Let’s face the fact, the journey might still be long, but these alternatives will keep attracting new users daily till they reach a critical level of adoption and become the norm and the reason is simple; If a company is making money because you are spending time and attention, sharing pictures, stories and videos on their platform, then you might as well get paid for it. Also, there is less monopoly and more privacy. This is where the platforms I mentioned earlier shine.

 So what is Sola? it is a reward based social sharing platform, more similar to Instagram or maybe Twitter. You can earn some tokens (SOL) when other users endorse your cards. Sola is free to join and I believe the User Interface and the whole system is still evolving but it’s fun finding users posting Images and stories from different places around the world.


When you Sign up, Sola delegates 100 AP (Action Points) to you on a daily basis. This is like the fuel, without it, you cannot interact on Sola. You need AP to endorse people’s pictures or comments. You also need it to post your own pictures (called cards). You can endorse pictures either by swiping up on mobile or just by clicking endorse on the web platform, otherwise, you can skip a card by clicking skip or swiping down. While performing the endorsement, you can hold and drag to increase the amount of AP you want to spend on your endorsement. The default for picture cards is 5AP and for comments, you can start from 1AP upwards.






When you endorse a card, a comment or someone endorses your card or comment, the amount of AP spent in the action will be converted to SOL and sent to the corresponding wallet. This means you have to post a lot of interesting pictures and interesting comments  which can be endorsed so you earn SOL. SOL is an ERC20 Token issued on the Ethereum network (dont worry, you don’t need to know all these), it is currently worth $0.1. Here is the secret, when adoption increases, SOL is bound to spike, just like Steem which powers the Steemit platform. I believe these platforms are the future ( I might be wrong), so not only am I letting you know a way to invest your spare time and earn money, you now can easily get on the platforms of the future as early adopters. You should also consider the fact that early users of Steemit who got on the platform when it started in 2016 saw more than 500% increase in their holdings in just a little above a year.

Since SOL sold out at ICO, using the Sola platform is a great way for you to earn some additional income and what does it take? a few great pictures and some stories or interesting facts and you’re good to go.

When you use the app frequently, Sola will increase your daily AP award so you can interact more and this doesn’t need to take your time, maybe 30 minutes while in transit or while lazing around or taking a break from a gig.


Currently, when you endorse any user with 1AP, it is converted to about 0.00971 SOL (it might be subject to adjustment by the admins), at the current AP/SOL exchange rate and deposited in that user’s wallet.


According to its creators, only 150,000,000 SOL will ever be in circulation and this is great and will even help the value grow higher when adoption rate goes up.

I suggest you visit the site and also download the mobile app to get started, it’s quite easy. I have provided my personal link at the beginning of the article and you can also join the platform here.

When you join Sola through the links I gave, I will be prioritized by your account automatically and I will be sure to return the favor. Just comment your username below and we are good. I will visit your page, prioritize you also.

Now it’s time to have fun and earn doing what we already do for free on other platforms.


Del is a vector art designer and crypto-hunter with interest in game development and 2d animation.

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