Steemit: a blogging platform where you can write to earn

11 Mar

If you write stories, poems or about just any topic, or maybe you love creating visual contents and you’re looking for a new way to share and monetize them? I will suggest you consider Steemit. From my experience, it is a nice social platform where content creators can share their work, get some feedback and earn.

Steemit is easy to join, just click the link to register and wait for the approval of your account, this takes a day or two due to it’s mode of operation. The admins will have to delegate a few Steem (the platform’s currency) to every new account. This helps you take certain actions on the platform which otherwise would be impossible without delegated (Steem) power. On the other hand, you can visit Blocktrades, and pay for an account, but I suggest registering directly on Steemit.


Steemit  is also easy to use once you sign up. There are two ways to earn, the first is by interacting with other people’s content by reading and leaving thoughtful comments which can be upvoted (The only way to earn on Steemit). The second is to post your own content which can range from original photographs, to great written essays and articles or even memes, sketches and artwork, videos and tutorials in some cases. The Steemit community frowns at plagiarization and its self policing structures are quite effective at hunting down plagiarists and flagging them (the opposite of upvoting).

Steemit has defined categories called tags listed beneath your post. You can come up with your own tags and use them but since tags help your visibility on the platform, it is better to use some of the popular tags and they cover topics ranging from, Sport, to Cryptocurrency, Psychology, Philosophy, Technology, Steem, Bitcoin, Health etc, just think about it.


Steemit simply pays you based on the value of upvotes your posts accumulate within 7 days. The value of individual votes vary and depends on the amount of Steem Power the individual voting you has. Steem can be bought like other Cryptocurrencies from relatively small exchanges like Blocktrades or a few bigger ones. This can be converted to either Steem Power which helps increase your stake and rewards on the platform or it can be converted to Steem Backed Dollars which can be held as an investment. (Steem Back Dollar’s value has shown unusual growth in the past even reaching $10).

The earning from your post is paid every 7 days and the payout is divided into two, the first half is paid as Steem Power into your account while the other half is paid as Steem Backed Dollar and deposited into your account ( about 25% is initially deducted to reward curators). You can convert your Steem Backed Dollar into more Steem Power to increase your stake in the platform or you can convert it to other Cryptocurrencies through (the previously mentioned exchange) and then convert it to your local fiat currency.


Let’s face it, Steemit is not for very fast cash, in my first month, I earned close to $200 in real cash, that was around when Steem Backed Dollar rose to 10 USD. Although I did not convert, I increased my Steem Power. There were other new users who made quite a lot, even above $1000 so the prospect is appealing.

To succeed on the platform, consistency and quality is key because, your first few posts will earn you little until you start to join some of the great communities and start interacting. If you write exceptionally well, you are bound to be found by communities such as Curie, Sndbox or similar ones that reward great writers.

A great introductory post is the first way most people earn their first major dollars (Just use the “introduceyourself” tag and your picture and a little write up about yourself and get massive upvotes if interesting enough). I never did this so I missed out. However, you can do it if you do not mind and you will be on the way to success on the platform.

There are other great ways to earn and succeed on the platform but you have to join first to learn that. A major but optional way to increase your earning above usual is to up your stake in the platform by buying Steem coins and converting to Steem Power which will increases your curation reward i.e the reward you get when you upvote others and you can even upvote yourself. Buying Steem is a better option if you already hold a few cryptos and don’t mind expanding your portfolio.

So, if you have a ton of writings or original photographs tucked somewhere and you’re looking for a new way to monetize them, you should definitely check Steemit out today!.




Del is a vector art designer and crypto-hunter with interest in game development and 2d animation.

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